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Virtual Assistant Services



No contracts

We are great at what we do, but we can’t be great at everything. We know this, so we don’t make you sign a contract. Give us a try and if we aren’t the right fit, we'll make it right. It's simple and risk free.

No monthly fees

We don’t believe in monthly fees. Our goal is to make your life easier. If you have a slow month or go on vacation and don’t have any work for your virtual assistant, don’t worry. You will never pay for hours you didn’t used.

The Guarantee

We back up every service we have. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee. You can get a full refund on any UNUSED hours within the first 60 days of purchase. Period.






When our virtual assistants are clocked in, they are actively working on your tasks. When the task is done, they clock out. Imagine if that kind of workplace efficiency could be applied to a traditional employee.


Our virtual assistants are there when you need them. Only pay for the time they’re actually working on your tasks. The hours in your bucket are good for 90 days, so if you have a slow week or month it’s no problem. All hours roll over.


We have highly skilled virtual assistants who are assigned to you based on the tasks you need to done. High-quality work done quickly and correctly is our goal.

Whether you hire a “traditional” employee or a “virtual” employee, you’re still not addressing the real efficiency issue.

Employees waste time while at work and the longer they are clocked in, the more time they’re wasting.

The average employee is wasting between 50%-80% of their day on non-work related distractions.

Time wasted is money wasted. That’s money that could stay in your pocket simply by changing the way you assign your tasks.


Traditional Employee


$24,096 (annually)

$3,611.00 (taxes)

$27,707.00 (total hard costs)

Time Wasted

50% – 80% of their time at work will be wasted on non-work related distractions

1,040 – 1,664 (annual hours wasted)


$14,331.20 – $22,929.92 (annually)


Batch System


$12,048 (annually)

$0.00 (taxes)

$12,048.00 (total hard costs)

Time Wasted

0% of their time at work will be wasted on non-work related distractions

0 (annual hours wasted)


$0 (annually)


Virtual Employee


$12,048 (annually)

$0.00 (taxes)

$12,048.00 (total hard costs)

Time Wasted

50% – 80% of their time at work will be wasted on non-work related distractions

1,040 – 1,664 (annual hours wasted)


$6,240 – $9,984 (annually)

The Batch System

​​Every batch of hours comes with a project manager to oversee your tasks. You can delegate your tasks to your project manager for quick assignment to an available and skilled virtual assistant. If you have the same reoccurring tasks, you can have a dedicated virtual assistant to delegate tasks to directly. Your project manager and virtual assistant will always be available during your business hours. The Batch System is a batch full of hours that the virtual assistant pulls from while they are working on your tasks. Use the hours in your batch and when they run out, simply purchase another batch. We will send you an email informing you when your batch has 5 hours remaining and give you a link to purchase another batch. You can change your batch plan at any time once your current batch is used.

Assigning Tasks

We use Basecamp, a very simple and effective task management system to upload and monitor your tasks. When you sign up, you will get an email from us inviting you to set up your free Basecamp project. All your tasks, files and communication can take place in one convenient location. Some people just want to email, call or text their tasks in, that is okay as well. Other clients already have a project management software they are using and like us to integrate with there system.. We can do that as well.

Getting Started

Getting started with a virtual assistant is very quick and easy. We can usually have you submitting tasks the same day you sign up. We offer a Welcome Call to all new clients where we show you around Basecamp and help you upload your first task. We will send you an email asking you to set up a time for one of our on-boarding specialists to get you started.

Marketing Assistant

Real Estate Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Social Media Specialist

Executive Assistant

Data Entry Assistant

Personal Assistant

Internet Research Specialist

Sales Assistant

Marketing Services


We design and develop excellent websites with industry-leading technology. Your  online presence won't only look good...it will provide a great end-user experience. All of our sites are also mobile optimized.


Your branding must start somewhere and a dynamic logo is the best beginning for your project or bsuiness. We have been designing since 1999 and are pretty proud of what we've been able to churn out. We know you will appreciate our expertise.


We will set up your online store, optimize your mobile payment solutions and advise you on the very best e-commerce tools in the industry. Once you get them in, you have to have a way for them to pay!

Branding Strategy

Spend an hour with our branding experts and allow us to transfom the way you think about your competition and marketshare. We will enlighten you and simplify your entire marketing process.

Social Media

Everybody does it. So should you. Social media is not only a great way to keep in touch with clients, it is also a great way to get free or reasonably priced advertising across an ever-expanding network of potential clients.

Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia article writing rules are extremely rigid. Why not have an expert tackle the task of expanding your professional online presence? We will have you as a top hit on Google in no time!


Monthly Services

Web Hosting

We provide the best hosting for your website through InMotion Hosting. With up-times of 99.9%, you will never have to worry about your site being unavailable when they need you the most.

Website Maintenance

We will keep your site refreshed and functioning just the way it is supposed to. We know you are busy and your website needs to be woking when you are and when you are not. We will make sure you are always looking good!

Technical Support

We are here when you need us. Via phone, email or chat...we will walk you through any technical issues that may arise with your website or anything else! Pick our brains! We love being nerds!

Google Apps for Work

We love Google. We really do. Their tools are awesome and integrate so seamlessly. We recommend their apps and will set up any Google tools for your...top to bottom. We know you'll love it!


Hourly Services

Computer Repair

If it's physically broken, we will find the parts to fix it. Mac or PC. We are here for you. Having equipment that is working correctly is essential to a successful day. Let us fix you up!

Computer Hardware Upgrades

Whether you need a bigger hard drive or upgraded RAM, we will find you the best price on parts and we will provide you reasonably priced, top-tier labor. We will make your equipment last! Mac or PC.

Computer Software Upgrades

Are you running an outdated operating system? Are you still using an old software suite? Let us find you the right solutions and the best prices for your Mac or PC.

Computer Virus Removal & Data Recovery

Viruses are a reality and we know they can ruin everyhing for you. Let us find the issue, remedy it and help you rebuild. We will also advise you on preventative measures for the future!

Life Coaching

Spend some time with someone who is uniquely invested in your life success. Whether you need daily guidance or an occassional reminder of your goals, let one of our coaches give you the support you need to be your best you.

Keynote & Motivational Speaking

We want to come wow you at your next event! No matter the topic, we have a speaker who will keep the audience engaged and excited! Let us know when your next event is!

Google Analytics

We set up your Google Analytics account so that you can track your website activity and traffic based on all of the amazing factors that Google offers. This is a powerful tool.

Google Analytics

Don't have time to research what's happening on your site? We are here for you! Our experts will provide you with a monthly report on website activity and traffic so you know what you need to!